The Tavern Of Psarras: The Oldest Cafe In Greece, Running Since 1898

Tavern of PsarrasAmerican finance providers corporation, NetCredit has designed a series of maps with detailed infographics and appealing facts about (almost) just about every state in the planet.

One particular of the maps of NetCredit, which went viral on the world-wide-web, depicts the oldest restaurant of each and every state, when it was construct and where by it is found.

“A unique map for those people who are stuck with heritage and individuals who want to choose a gourmet adventurous tour down memory lane,” NetCredit wrote.

oldest restaurants Tavern of Psarras
The oldest taverns and restaurants in Europe. Photo by NetCredit

In accordance to NetCredit map, the oldest restaurant in Greece, is found in Plaka, Athens, and it is known as “The Old Tavern of Psarras” (Η Παλιά Ταβέρνα του Ψαρά), which interprets to “The Old Tavern of the Fisherman”.

The Old Tavern of Psarras opened its doorways in 1898, and even though it was compelled to shut down numerous instances, due to the two World Wars and other historical functions that happened in the region, 123 several years afterwards it has turn out to be 1 the most beloved restaurants in Athens.

“Over one hundred yrs after its opening, and beneath Mr. Vlassis Stathokostopoulos’ and his partners’ supervision, The Outdated Tavern of Psarras has been refurnished and is ready to introduce you to the Greek traditional delicacies and the strategies of its style,” the tavern’s site reads.

In the picturesque area of ​​Plaka in central Athens, just a couple meters absent from the perfectly-recognized techniques of Monsikleus, at the intersection of Erechtheos and Erotokritou Streets, is found the beautifully neoclassical setting up of The Outdated Tavern of Psarras due to the fact 1898.

The restaurant grew to become internationally renowned in the early 1950s, when Rex Warner, English author, translator and director of the British Institute in Athens, referred to The Outdated Tavern of Psarras in his book “Sights of Attica and its Environment” which was released in 1950. Warner talked about the hospitality of the then proprietor George Psaras, his delectable retsina and his standard Greek dishes, that he had hardly ever tasted right before.

In excess of the many years, the tavern has served famed artists, politicians and other effectively-regarded personalities, this sort of as Lawrence Olivier and Vivian Lee, Margot Fontaine, Graham Greens, Melina Mercouri and Manos Hatzidakis, among some others.

Also, intellectual and author George Katsimbalis, also regarded as the “Colossus of Maroussi”, wrote in the 1930s in a letter to poet and Nobel Award winner, George Seferis, about his favorite cafe The Previous Tavern of Psarras, and outlined that “all these well known strangers gather at Mr. George’s meal and talk to him to deal with them with Greek food stuff.”

Tavern of Psarras
Melina Mercouri, Minister of Tradition and Sports in 1981

“The oldest restaurant in Greece has come to be a position of reference for all those who adore great Greek delicacies. So, for any person who would like to sense a very little of the aura of the outdated instances, appreciate a terrific environment, and premium high quality Greek cuisine, cease in at The Previous Tavern of Psarras and you will absolutely come across your new favorite location to hang out,” the cafe writes.

The Aged Tavern of Psarras serves typical Greek cuisine, from moussaka and stuffed tomatoes, to lamb and beef, but is significantly famous for its seafood, these types of as octopus, shrimp and sea bream. People also refer to the restaurant’s desserts as their favourite dishes, these types of as baklava, walnut pie and loukoumades with ice cream, which stand out.

Tavern of Psarras

Tavern of Psarras

Amongst the other dining places in the NetCredit map, the oldest 1 in Morocco , “Chez Dimitri” (which translates to ‘With Dimitri’), opened in 1928 and delivers a variety of global dishes, with its most common food being Greek moussaka.

While the greater part of aged places to eat in Europe are positioned in the North Western portion of the continent and specially in the Uk (between 1100s and 1400s), the oldest cafe in Europe, and possibly the oldest in the environment in accordance to NetCredit, is situated in Austria. The ‘St. Peter Stiftskulinarium’ inn, at St. Peter’s Abbey in Salzburg, Austria, has been functioning given that 803, and even now operates nowadays as a renewed and refined, sophisticated restaurant, that serves Viennese schnitzel and other neighborhood meats and cheeses.

The majority of the oldest dining establishments in the entire world are located in Europe 8 out of 10), two a lot more international locations that nevertheless have dining establishments built before 1500s incorporate Japan and China.

The oldest cafe in the US, “The White Horse Tavern” was designed by a area pirate named William Mayes, in 1673, though in Australia the oldest restaurant “Grossi Florentino” was created in 1928 in Melbourne, and nonetheless serves now classic Italian delicacies.

oldest restaurants Tavern of Psarras
The oldest taverns and restaurants in the planet. Image by NetCredit

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