Rethink your oatmeal thoughts with this punchy combined berry recipe

Often we make dietary variations since it is portion of a resolution … other instances we make these modifications so our healthcare professionals never come to feel compelled to chuck a clipboard at us.

A person of my relations lately experienced a health scare that resulted in their medical professional giving them a binder whole of dietary constraints. Pointless to say my relative was not a pleased camper when he observed that his new food plan prepare appeared to be lacking in taste.

My relative despatched me a copy of the record inquiring if I experienced any suggestions or recommendations to make his diet plan plan much less bland whilst operating within his parameters. His new food plan prepare phone calls for negligible salt, extra fat and sugar and several of the items he is authorized to have…well they resemble a toddler’s adventures with reliable foods. Understandably he was a lot less than happy with the dull record of objects.

A person of the things he can consume is oatmeal, which he instructed me is great, but tends to be unexciting. Now, I’ll be the 1st to admit that I have in no way been a big proponent of oatmeal, generally because when I consider about oatmeal, I feel of the unfortunate goop that you can make from the microwavable deals (there’s nothing at all improper with it, I individually never appreciate it).

Here’s the factor, oatmeal is generally viewed as bland, but it does not have to be uninteresting. If everything oatmeal is very versatile, contemplating the oats are utilized to make a variety of diverse recipes. In an work to inject a small flavor into my relative’s new breakfast regime I made the decision to throw collectively a pot of combined berry oatmeal and allow me explain to you, if you’re a person who isn’t a member of staff oatmeal…you could want to rethink your viewpoint of it immediately after striving out this recipe. My relative speedily scarfed down the blended berry oatmeal I designed for him and then asked if I could give him the recipe…just after I whipped up another bowl for him.

Blended Berry Oatmeal

Serves 2

1 cup slice oats

1 cup milk (you can use water as effectively, but the milk makes it creamier)

1 cup mixed berries (chef’s alternative)

2 tsp honey

1tsp brown sugar (optional)

Boil the milk in a pot on a stove. Once the milk has boiled, stir in the oats until the milk is fully absorbed. Whilst the oatmeal is cooking, location the fruit and honey in a pot and stir for approximately five minutes. The moment the fruit starts off to breakdown remove it from the heat.

As soon as the oatmeal is finished cooking, spoon it the oatmeal into two bowls and sprinkle brown sugar on prime if sought after. Leading the bowls with half the fruit mixture and provide.

For my combined berries, I made use of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries but chefs can use what ever berry mix they like.

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