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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — On Staten Island, fish is a big vendor in the borough’s marketplaces for the duration of Lent, the time into which we’re headed. So, having into the seafood spirit at that princely time for grocery store product sales on canned sardines, what can we do with our refreshing catches?


Cole’s Dockside’s pecan-coated mahi mahi. (Staten Island Advance/Jan Somma-Hammel)Pamela Silvestri

Ian Cole of Cole’s Dockside shares a number of recommendations from the Good Kills sea-centric eatery known for its nut-coated fillet specials.

Cole coaches, “So when we use nuts and seeds we check out to go seasonal. For illustration, walnuts in the wintertime and sunflower seeds in the summer time are just two feelings. We set them in a foods processor with breadcrumbs, herbs, grated cheese and other substances to enable it bind to the fish far better and develop additional taste.”

For the species alone, the home chef can take into account pressing salmon, grouper, mahi mahi, tilefish fillet, monkfish, sole, tilapia or basa fillet into a nut mixture.

Filet nuts

Pecan-crusted mahi mahi (Staten Island Advance/Jan Somma-Hammel)STATEN ISLAND Progress

Correct now, in February, a genuine sleeper in the sea world could be sardines. Prior to it gets tangled up with spaghetti or bucatini in Pasta Con Sarde dishes of the spring period — this is a classic, Sicilian preparing all through Lent which kicks off on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17 — one particular may consider a cue on the subject from ShopRite’s government chef Rob Leyko.


Robert Leyko and Samantha Telle of ShopRite at the Staten Island Advance Cookbook Taste-off at the Hilton Backyard Inn, Bloomfield, held on Sunday, April 8, 2018. (Staten Island Advance/Bill Lyons) Team-Shot

“I like to chop up sardines into a paste and toss them into pasta dishes — exact same as anchovies,” claimed Leyko.

He enthused, “It’s a excellent salty, umami flavor in nearly anything!”


Pasta con sarde with new sardines at Brioso in the course of Lent, 2020. (Staten Island Progress/Pamela Silvestri)Employees-Shot


“As a skilled chef who is cooking far more at home now than ever I have an understanding of peoples fear of cooking fish at residence,” Josh Laurano mentioned. He’s cooked seafood at Del Posto, Lupa, Babbo, Tarry Lodge and served as a husband or wife and government chef at La Sirena where he received a Michelin star. Now, he’s on hiatus from Pastavino and Navy Pier Key, each briefly shut at Urby in Stapleton but both of those memorable spots for contemporary fish preparations.

Laurano shared some of the problems he hears from mates and patrons who really do not like treading in fishy waters in their personal kitchens.

They speculate, “Is it clean? How do I preserve it from falling aside? How do I stop the dwelling from smelling like fish?”

Laurano implies a number of ideas to acquire self esteem at the stove.


Celeb chef Vic Rallo and Pastavino/Navy Pier Prime’s chef Josh Laurano at the Urby restaurant on March 13, 2020. (Staten Island Progress/Pamela Silvestri)Pamela Silvestri

He said, “Here are a few strategies. To start with, get to know your fishmonger — this is a great connection to make upon. Also, fish should really not scent fishy, it really should smell of the ocean.”

And, at house he suggests breaking out a 10-inch non-adhere, oven-proof skillet.

For most fillet preparations, Laurano coached, “Simply time with salt, excellent olive oil and a touch of lemon and bake right until tender. For crispy pores and skin: position pores and skin aspect down with as minimal moisture as feasible. I normally bake a thin filet at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes.”

He additionally suggests experimenting with total fish.

“At Pastavino a person of our most popular dishes has been a whole roasted branzino. We cook it on the plancha [wooden plank] even so on a baking tray with some lemon and herbs is a rapid and quick evening meal,” claimed Laurano. He inspired home cooks to make certain the fishmonger cleans out the creature, including the gills.

At last, never overcook the fish. Laurano presented his check for doneness: place the suggestion of a smaller knife into the flesh.

“It need to go in quick with no resistance — nonetheless, the fish should really not fall apart,” reported Laurano.


Flashback: Dave Cavagnaro with James, 3, and Andrew, 4, at the Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier. (Staten Island Progress/Pamela Silvestri)

In excess of the several years, when I have requested individuals with severe aversions to fish, “Did you eat seafood as a youngster?” the remedy commonly is “no.” A standard memory of the stuff as a kid is that they remember it staying dry — likely overcooked — or under no circumstances served at all.

So as an experiment with this in mind, when my boys ended up about a yr previous I started mixing a sardine into their little mommy-made infant chow. It appears like cruel gruel by some benchmarks but at that age they actually did not know any superior, plus it was healthy. The aim, superior Omegas apart, was to calibrate their palates to an strange taste.

And then when they had been 2 and 3, pizza would be served with sardines in water unfold on top or on the facet, plated straight from the can so they’d show up with their heads and tails so as to value the anatomy of the fish. It all assisted as they continue to like sardines today and take pleasure in eating what they capture. But as we know properly from dwelling via this final year in the pandemic jointly, factors aren’t so uncomfortable when you get utilised to them.

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