June 17, 2024


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Elisabetta’s restaurant opens on West Palm Beach waterfront

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Elisabetta's restaurant opens Tuesday, Jan. 12, on the West Palm Beach waterfront. It is the second location for the Big Time Restaurant Group concept.

When Lisabet Summa and her partners at Big Time Restaurant Group opened Elisabetta’s in downtown Delray Beach in the summer of 2019, she took inspiration from her travels in Italy and her monumental cookbook collection. She tapped into the heritage of her Italian father, whose wish of naming her Elisabetta at birth was dashed by more Americanized minds in the family. 

At the time, Summa knew opening any fine-dining spot during the off-season had its challenges in a seasonally driven area. But now, with the opening Tuesday of a second Elisabetta’s restaurant in downtown West Palm Beach, those challenges seem quaint. Leading up to this new debut, her thoughts were consumed by matters more timely than culinary inspiration.

What a difference 18 months and a pandemic make. 

“Everything is different because of COVID — the whole thing has turned the industry on its head,” says Summa, who is Big Time’s corporate culinary director, leading the kitchens at the group’s seven restaurant concepts. (They are City Cellar, Rocco’s Tacos, Louie Bossi’s, City Oyster, Grease, Big City Tavern and Elisabetta’s.)

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