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Who was Gary Heidnik? ‘Monster Preacher’ blended cooked corpse with pet dog foods before feeding it to Black victims

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In Oxygen’s new particular ‘Monster Preacher’, survivors of psychopathic serial killer Gary Heidnik open up about the ugly torture they faced while getting held captive by the assassin. Heidnik, who partly influenced the character of Buffalo Bill in ‘The Silence of The Lambs’ motion picture, experienced kidnapped 6 Black ladies amongst 1986 and 1987, retaining them in his residence while on a regular basis raping, beating and abusing them in the most unimaginable and horrifying approaches. 

Between November 1986 and March 1987, Heidnik kidnapped 25-calendar year-outdated Josefina Rivera, 24-12 months-outdated Sandra Lindsay, 19-yr-previous Lisa Thomas, 23-12 months-outdated Deborah Dudley, 18-yr-old Jacqueline Askins and 24-yr-old Agnes Adams. However, Lindsay and Dudley passed away quickly, succumbing to the torture. Thanks to Rivera’s acumen, the other ladies have been rescued by the police. Heidnik was executed for his heinous crimes in 1999 by lethal injection.

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Who was Gary Heidnik?

Heidnik presented his image to the globe as a rich, nicely-highly regarded, spiritual guy. He even began the United Church of Ministers of God and self-ordained himself as a Bishop. 

Powering the facade, he was a psychopathic assassin who wanted to kidnap females and make a harem of sexual slaves at his house, whom he can impregnate and thereby father quite a few children. In reality, he utilized to host church assistance at his property whilst he saved his hostages. 


Josefine Rivera

Rivera was his initially sufferer. In 1986, she was doing the job as a sex employee in Philadelphia when Heidnik abducted her. He choked and handcuffed her, before chaining her to a sewer pipe in his basement, which he experienced dug specially as a home to continue to keep his victims.

Rivera made use of her sharp wit to obtain the notice and believe in of Heidnik, which she later utilized to encourage him that she was his ally. There was a time when Heidnik brought Chinese food stuff, cake and slippers for her birthday. At any time considering the fact that then, Rivera has not been in a position to rejoice a further birthday in her everyday living. 

A person of the victims, Sandra Lindsay died of hunger following he punished her by handcuffing her to the ceiling for times, and conquer her frequently. To get rid of the overall body, Heidnik cooked the entire body and confirmed her cooked head and ribs to yet another female, Dudley, warning her that her problem would be the similar if she did not oblige with him. Heidnik then blended the cooked stays in a food stuff processor with puppy food and fed it to his victims, without having Rivera realizing it at very first. 

When neighbors complained about the awful stench coming from his residence, police arrived at the scene whom he certain that it was just the odor from a roast he had burned.

Two months later, Heidnik pressured Rivera to electrocute Dudley with a reside wire, when earning her stand in the basement crammed with h2o. His intention was to give her shock remedy but he killed her in its place. Then, Heidnik built Rivera indicator a letter that they had both of those electrocuted Dudley jointly, to hold her from turning on him. 

Jacqueline Askins

By early 1987, he had kidnapped four other women, barring his final ever victim Agnes Adams. Askins was his youngest sufferer at just 18 several years of age. She was also a intercourse employee at that time whom Heidnik lured out for meal just before kidnapping her. He handcuffed and took her to the basement to continue to keep with the other females. At that time, Rivera assured her that she would get them out. 

In the Oxygen exclusive, Askins has recalled how everyone was chained up separately, just leaving more than enough room for him to appear involving two of them and have intercourse. 

She also recalled how Heidnik fooled Sandra Lindsay’s loved ones by forcing her to create a fake letter, claiming that she was safe and sound. Afterwards, in a determined endeavor for independence, Lindsay explained to him that she was knowledgeable of how prolonged he was outdoors the property. As a remedy, Heidnik jabbed all the victims’ ears with a screwdriver so that all of them become impaired of listening to. 

Askins experienced long nurtured hatred in direction of Rivera, emotion that she was liable for Dudley’s dying. Much later, she recognized how Rivera had actually feigned loyalty with the captor to enable them all to protection. 

Heidnik took Rivera outside along with him to bury Dudley’s system in the woods, in the course of which he also kidnapped his final target Adams. As Rivera “assisted” him with the kidnapping, Heidnik believed her to be “on his side”. A thirty day period afterwards, Rivera certain him to allow her a check out to her household, all through which she managed to connect with the law enforcement. The law enforcement did not believe that her until finally they saw the bruises and chain marks on her human body. 

Both Rivera and Askins are foremost much better life now with their family members and small children however they nonetheless experience from trauma and panic from their horrific, nerve-wracking practical experience. The other two victims, Thomas and Adams could not recuperate from the trauma of the “household of horrors” and have dealt with psychological health problems and dependancy at any time considering that.

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