June 15, 2024


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When you’re tired of baked potatoes, try these 11 delicious recipes

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Maine has a long history of growing potatoes. The annual potato harvest in Aroostook County still shuts down schools every year, and the harvest comprises a large chunk of the state’s agriculture economy. Despite that, many home cooks stick to old classics when it comes to preparing potatoes to eat: baked, boiled or mashed, perhaps tossed into a soup or chowder or crisped into fries.

Potatoes are spectacularly versatile vegetables, though. If your potato routine is getting stale, here are 11 new ways to prepare and enjoy them in your home kitchen.

Hasselback potatoes

Simply slicing the potato a different way before you cook them can give you a completely different flavor and texture. This recipe from The Kitchn shows you how to make hasselback potatoes, gorgeously partitioned into tiny sections, to take your classic baked potatoes to the next level.

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