July 25, 2024


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Tips and Tricks on How To Plan and Host The Perfect Christmas Meal This Year

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If you’re hosting the Christmas meal for everyone this year, you may feel slightly overwhelmed with everything you still need to do. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help to plan the perfect Christmas with your friends and family. You can also turn to many retailers if you still need to do some Christmas shopping. You may have no idea what to get your loved ones, but thankfully there are companies such MicroBarBox that offer unique and special gifts. This company specialises in selling gift boxes filled with various products, including snacks and drinks, specifically related to cocktails. There are also many options for healthy gifts. Either way, as long as your gifting is sorted, you can focus on planning the Christmas meal. 


Firstly, and most importantly, is the food. When hosting Christmas lunch or dinner this year, the first thing that you need to think about is the food. Consider what snacks to have while people are talking and mingling and what you will serve as appetisers. Then you need to consider the main course and what kind of meat you will serve. After establishing that, you need to view all the side dishes and what will complement the meat best. And after that, you need to decide on which desserts you will serve. It is always a good idea to serve more than one because that ensures enough while giving everyone the option of choice. One thing you need to consider when planning the food for Christmas is everyone’s different dietary requirements and preferences. Lastly, you also need to plan what drinks you’ll have available if you’ll serve tea and coffee after all the food, and perhaps if you want to have a cheese course before dessert. 


Once you’ve sorted out all the food, the next thing to plan is the decor for your Christmas meal. You’ll need to think about table settings specifically. First, you must choose what napkins, crackers and table decor to display. Sometimes it helps to have a theme for the scenery, for example, a white Christmas, nature, or even just sticking to two colours, such as red and green. 


Music is simple enough. You want something that adds to the atmosphere without distracting or too loud. It is easy to find a Christmas playlist on any music streaming platform. Simply choose one that feels fitting, connect to a speaker, and play! The music breaks the silence and lifts the energy in the room.


Finally, you want everyone to be energised during the Christmas meal, so sometimes it is a good idea to think ahead and plan some entertainment for the time spent digesting your food between the main course and dessert. Of course, the type of entertainment will depend on the group of people you’re with, but games like charades and 30 seconds always go down well. Or, if there are many kids, have something planned for them, like arts and crafts or face painting, while the adults can sit around and chat. 

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