July 19, 2024


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These 11 recipes will make you want to take in additional rutabagas and turnips

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Though rutabagas and turnips are abundantly available in grocery outlets and can keep by way of the wintertime months with good storage, home cooks might be intimidated by these large, lumpy, purplish roots.

They shouldn’t be.

These greens are just as tasty and flexible as other well-liked winter season deliver, like potatoes.

But very first, you need to know which is which. In spite of well-known notion, rutabagas and turnips are not the exact same detail. Whilst they are both users of the brassica family members, the rutabaga is a hybrid of a turnip and a cabbage. While both of those have purplish tops, rutabaga has tinged yellow flesh whilst turnips are largely white. Turnips are also more compact, as they are most effective when harvested when they are the measurement of a tennis ball (any bigger, and the root tastes woody). Rutabagas can mature substantially larger sized without the need of compromising taste.

Rutabagas also have a waxy skin and a pungent scent, which can intimidate some men and women. By following a several very simple techniques (and getting a awesome, sharp peeler), you can easily put together rutabaga and get started cooking with them.

Turnips are also usually marketed with their greens, which are tasty when organized correctly, although rutabaga greens are significantly less palatable (nevertheless some adventurous gardeners will use their furry rutabaga greens in salads and the like).

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