June 17, 2024


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Monkey terrorizes Japanese neighborhood; 20 people attacked

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(CNN) — A wild monkey is terrorizing a small town in southwestern Japan, breaking into properties and attacking inhabitants, officials explained.

Some 20 people today in the Ogori region of Yamaguchi have been bitten or clawed by the monkey considering the fact that July 8,  according to the city’s administrative workplace.

In a small a lot more than 12 hours this 7 days it attacked a few people: a 10-year-previous boy Tuesday in an elementary school and two women who had been exterior all through different assaults Tuesday and Wednesday.

Other victims incorporate a 10-month-aged female within her property, two toddler brothers who were being also inside and a guy hanging out laundry to dry.

Authorities have not confirmed what kind of monkey was dependable for the attacks but claimed the location is inhabited by macaques, also known as Japanese snow monkeys. Macaques can be uncovered in parks in various spots of Japan, typically scavenging foodstuff from people.

Law enforcement are ramping up patrols in the place and urging the general public to continue to keep their home windows closed when the hunt continues.

The Ogori space, largely household, is on the edge of a forest at the southern idea of Japan’s major island, Honshū.


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