Martha Stewart’s Chicken Pot Pie Is Classic Comfort Food at Its Best

Martha Stewart’s Chicken Pot Pie Is Classic Comfort Food at Its Best

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We’ve all been in need of some comfort food this year in one way or another, whether we used food to cope with the stress of the pandemic or election-week jitters, or just, you know, craved something warm and hearty because it’s winter. Though Ina Garten might be the queen of all things comfort food, she’s not the only celebrity foodie giving us the soul-warming dishes we need. Martha Stewart recently shared her Chicken Pot Pie recipe on Instagram and it’s the perfect way to combat any worries you might have about what 2021 might bring. Start off your year with a mouthful of comfort and ease into the unexpected with Stewart’s classic take on the “ultimate comfort food.”

“With its buttery crust and ultra-savory filling, chicken potpie is the ultimate comfort food. This version doesn’t stray too far from the classic—in fact, it’s even better, thanks to the inclusion of butternut squash and cremini mushrooms,” Stewart wrote on Instagram.

The brown butter used in this recipe transforms into a flaky crust that sounds like heaven, and when a recipe has the Stewart stamp of approval we don’t need much convincing to try it out ourselves. As noted, Stewart’s recipe also uses butternut squash and cremini mushrooms that she says elevate typical chicken-and-vegetable filling into a marvel of a meal.

Delicious and comforting? Yes. But what this recipe isn’t is quick: Stewart’s chicken pot pie is a meal that you should plan to make over the weekend or when you anticipate you’ll have an abundance of time, as the total time for the pie is a whopping three hours and 35 minutes; but hey, no one said comfort food came easy.

Get Martha Stewart’s Chicken Pot Pie recipe.

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