Kitchen Hacks: Time-Saving Tips for Busy Home Cooks

Kitchen Hacks: Time-Saving Tips for Busy Cook

Cleaning, grocery buying, meal preparation, and cooking all have the tendency to interrupt hours of free time. Like everyone, the last thing you want is to spend time in your kitchen all night and day. Plus, no one has the time to go to a grocery store or market every week.

Looking for kitchen hacks and ways to save time, especially if you have a busy schedule at work, is important. Some of the hacks and ways that experts at The Exchange have suggested may include the following:

  1. Learn Knife Techniques and Skills

Investing more time to improve your knife skills and techniques will save you time. Learn the right techniques, such as brunoise, chiffonade, or julienne cuts.

A well-maintained and sharp knife can make slicing meat or chopping vegetables a breeze. Plus, effective knife techniques will not just save you time. It will also contribute to evenly cooked and better-looking dishes.

  1. Be Organized

The quickest way to sap hours is to continually hunt for the things you need in your kitchen every time you want to cook. Being organized in your kitchen is the best way to save time every day.

One way to be organized is to ensure you declutter your kitchen as much as possible and get the right systems and storage. You can easily achieve that by:

  • Keeping the things you use mostly within your reach.
  • Storing your cutlery, cups, or plates near the sink or dishwasher.
  • Put children’s items within their reach.
  • Use the right item and containers for cooking.
  1. Keep Your Herbs Fresh

Herbs can go from being pleasantly vibrant to wiltingly depressing instantly. It just takes the wrong handling or temperature to lose their aromatic charm.

Basically, herbs are often sold in a large batch. So it is very common to have some leftovers once you are done cooking. And when you decide to use them in your next cooking, you find that they have already whither. But with simple food storage hacks, you can always keep your herbs fresh.

  1. Consider Shopping Strategies

Consider setting yourself up for success by preparing a grocery list before you head out shopping. With this, you will never forget all the important items you need in your kitchen.

Another strategy is to always avoid buying fresh produce in excess. They tend to spoil faster than other foods. Instead, buy pre-cut vegetables and fruits or opt for whole ones, which can last for a long time.

  1. Use Your Freezer

From sauces to soups and some fresh herbs, a freezer can be a private dearest friend of every chef. Prepare your sauces in bulk and put them in a freezer to use them in your dishes. Other must-haves to keep in your freezer are:

  • Old bread rolls
  • Smoothies
  • Frozen fruits

Final Remarks

A combination of these strategies from the pros may help you prevent dinner-time chaos. Always plan ahead, prepare your food early, and leverage various cooking tools to make your routine go smoothly.

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