July 25, 2024


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Jay Fai topped Asia’s 50 Ideal Eating places “Icon Award”

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Ahead of the announcement of the 2021 version of Asia’s 50 Very best Dining establishments, established on March 25, the prestigious meals award for the global foods scene has discovered its first winner for the Icon Award, and no other than Bangkok’s Queen of Avenue Foodstuff Jay Fai is the winner of the category this 12 months.

The Icon Award is offered out just about every yr to a culinary determine who, in accordance to the award, “have manufactured an excellent contribution to their local community and the broader cafe market.” Supinya “Jay Fai” Junsata has joined the honorable record with the previous recipients like Japanese chefs Seiji Yamamoto from 3-Michelin-starred Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo and Yoshihiro Murata from Kikunoi in Kyoto.

In Bangkok’s meals marketplace, Jay Fai is most likely the a single standing out for her wok skills to churn out simple dishes into palate-impressing splendors utilizing more than-the-best elements this kind of as the famous crabmeat omelet, drunken noodles with seafood, and hot & spicy tom yum soup. Considering that the 1980s, the iron woman chef has opened up her shophouse as a seven-table eatery that’s been frequented by each local and global foodies.

Jay Fai
Asia’s 50 Ideal Dining establishments
Jay Fai
Asia’s 50 Best Eating places

Her sought-after dishes and offbeat pilot-like look have long gone beyond the Bangkok territory to faraway lands. In 2017, Jay Fai been given her pretty first Michelin star, which she’s been equipped to secure till now.

“I am grateful to be recognized for my tough operate and craftsmanship. This is really the reward of a life span for an standard chef like me. But most importantly, I hope anyone can understand from my tale that dedication, tough work and endurance can enable you accomplish your objectives,” stated the chef in Asia’s 50 Eating places push.

Jay Fai
Asia’s 50 Ideal Eating places

A entire line-up of dining establishments that make it to the final result of Asia’s Ideal 50 Restaurants in 2021 will be unveiled on March 25. Continue to be tuned.

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