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Ido Fishman Discusses Best Ways to Use Leftover Vegetables

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There is a common problem that people encounter when cooking; you just need half a tomato, a single cup of diced butternut squash, or a little bit of spinach. The problem is that vegetables aren’t sold like that in the grocery store. After you have made a few dishes, you may be left with a couple of Brussel sprouts, half an onion, and a broccoli stem. Most people may throw these odd vegetables in the trash, but Ido Fishman suggests that you give them new life by using them in a few dishes. How do you do that? 

Check out some of the best ways Ido Fishman has discussed below:

  • Fried rice

One of the top favorite takeout dish, it is easy to make fried rice at home. It is the best way for you to use any leftover rice, whether from a restaurant or homemade, along with an assortment of vegetables. You can use it to serve as a main dish, or it can also be a side for meat. The best option is to use raw vegetables and you can use almost anything, as long as it is diced small enough. 

  • Soup

A wonderful thing about the world of soup, as per Ido Fishman, is that it is wide and deep. There are chunky meat, silky pureed bowls and vegetable-based options. All are excellent ways of using up any leftover vegetables from leafy greens to potatoes. They can add nutrition and flavor to the finished dish. You can prep the vegetables by dicing and chopping and the size depends on the soup, as well as your preferences. If you are using leftover vegetables that are already cooked, they should be added at the end of cooking. 

  • Stir fries

Another excellent way recommended by Ido Fishman for using leftover vegetables and scraps is to use them for making broth or stock. You can use almost any vegetables, including scraps, such as onion skills and carrot peels. However, you should steer clear of cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli because they can add a bitter taste to the broth. It only takes a few minutes to make flavorful stir-fries and they are an excellent way of using up vegetable odds and ends. 

You can make a saucy stir-fry that can be served over steamed rice, or chewy noodles can also be directly added to the pan. As stir-fries cook quickly over high heat, you should select vegetables that cook quickly, whereas slower cooking veggies should be chopped into smaller pieces. If cooked vegetables are being used, add them at the end for heating through. 

  • Roasts 

Most vegetables taste wonderful when they are roasted and you can mix and match them easily. Ido Fishman advices that you pair veggies that cook for the same amount of time. Root vegetables, such as parsnips, potatoes and beets need a longer time to roast, whereas it takes a couple of minutes to roast asparagus and broccoli. If you want to make your roasted vegetables in a single pan, you should begin with those that take longer and then add the rest in stages. 

  • Pasta and Risotto

According to Chef Ido Fishman, adding some tender vegetables is a great way to enhance a risotto or pasta recipe. There are scrap vegetables like mushrooms and carrots, which can be used for adding excellent flavor to a red sauce. Sauté and dice the veggies first before you add them to the sauce. Grilled, roasted or sautéed vegetables are also a good topping for pasta with light sauces and even risotto. 

Leftover cooked or raw veggies can also be used for making a delicious vegetarian pasta salad. If the vegetable can be eaten raw, you just need to dice and add. Cooked vegetables like asparagus and roasted peppers are also mouthwatering options. 

These tips by Ido Fishman ensure that your leftover vegetables don’t go to waste and can be used for making something delicious. 

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