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It is generally mentioned that windows are natural magnets. Persons are drawn to them, primarily when there is a view. But what if you have a problem with furniture placement? Is it Okay to spot household furniture in front of a well known wall of windows? Will it hinder or detract from a coveted watch? The respond to is: not if carried out purposefully. Right here are some suggestions to capture the very best perspective and execute a profitable flooring prepare.

A low sofa showcases the view.

1. Pick household furniture that is lower, as opposed to pieces with a substantial again.

2. Pick out household furniture that is lighter in colour, as it will be a lot less distracting.

3. Use components that will add visual height this kind of as tall drapery or a vertical mirror.

4. Build a seating place that uses the watch and home windows as a visual envelope.

5. Integrate further glass things these types of as tables to assistance prolong the component of transparency.

6. Go negligible. Really don’t overcrowd a window place with components that make the room come to feel stuffed.

7. Use modular components this sort of as chaises and ottomans.

8. Incorporate mirrors to aid bounce light off a wall of windows.

A long, narrow entertainment area is created by highlighting a wall of windows.

9. Use a window wall as a organic focal issue or anchor to a area.

10. Increase a pop of colour these as an artwork. Art can support body a wall of home windows while also including texture, color and fascination.

Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is an Emmy Award-winning tv host and a nationally recognized inside layout and residence staging specialist with workplaces in New York Town, Boston and Washington, D.C. Contact her at [email protected] or go to her web page at cathyhobbs.com. 

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