June 19, 2024


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Four chicken soup recipes to soothe the soul this winter

9 min read
This ginger and bok choy chicken soup is from Christopher Kimball's new book, "Milk Street Fast and Slow: Instant Pot Cooking at the Speed You Need."

Chicken soup won’t cure COVID-19, but it might ease your sniffles.

After so many months of pandemic life, we’re getting better at making ourselves feel as good as we can, even with the coronavirus knocking at the door. (Or maybe even coming right in the house.) 

Early January is usually a time when we’re brimming with excitement for the year ahead, but with COVID-19 hitting its predicted peaks just as we experience our annual cedar fever season, many of us are digging deep for extra comfort and nourishment.

Thanks to the vaccine – and countless “Chicken Soup for the Soul”-worthy stories of kindness that have come out of the past 10 months – many of us are still finding some hopefulness as we look toward the year ahead. Maybe a few new chicken soup recipes will fuel some of that feel-betterness, too. 

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