Food And Beverage Services Detailed Guide

Basic Rules of Food & Beverage Service

The hospitality sector is part of your everyday life. You can only live with food and beverages. But, sometimes, you don’t wish to prepare them. You prefer to have this done for us. So, the hospitality industry raises its head.

Looking for the right place to prepare our food might involve looking at various reviews such as KBK reviews and others to find the food and beverage services that suit you.

Understanding The Food And Beverage Services

When you first dip your toe into understanding these services, you will realise that there are a lot of distinctions. This can become overwhelming – it will help to take it one step at a time.

Any food and beverage service involves all preparation, plating, and serving of any food and beverage to a customer. Remember that beverages can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

There are a variety of manners in which this can be done. It will depend on the place that you go to and their aim as to the method of service you get.

  • Waitron Service
    • This is where food is prepared on the premises and served by a waiter to the customer at their table. This service is focussed on the customer remaining seated and being waited upon.
    • The target market for these services is known as ‘general markets’ or ‘non-captive’ markets. This means that customers have a full range of choices about what they order and where they order from.
    • This service is found at many restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and inflight food services.
  • Self-Service
    • This type of service is when the customer is responsible for plating and serving food and beverages to themselves. Then, the food is prepared and set out for the customers to dish what they want, in the quantity they want.
    • The target market for this service is usually a ‘restricted’ or ‘captive’ market. This means the customer cannot choose where and what they eat. 
    • Self-service can be found most commonly in cafeterias.
  • Assisted Service
    • Assisted service is where the prepared food is set out, and customers can dish it themselves. However, there are waitrons or servers to assist in dishing or carving dishes for the customer.
    • The target market for this service is ‘restricted’ or ‘semi-captive’, suggesting some element of limited choice for the customer.
    • This is often found in buffets and breakfast services.

A Little More Information

Now you know the basic manners in which the hospitality sector can provide its services, what else do you need to know?

All food and beverage services look for that niche or hook to gather their customers to their specific services. There are many ways in which they could do this.

They could focus on convenience. This is a way in which many takeaways or fast food services attract their customers.

There could also be a focus on a specific cuisine. Usually, cuisines are determined by country and the traditional delicacies from that particular country. But, again, this can be a selling point that attracts customers.

Customer service and atmospheric experience are two other elements that are used. This is where an establishment will create an experience for their customers that encourages them to return and recommend.

The Take-Away

Knowing what you want from your food and beverage service will help you determine which type of establishment and manner of service you are looking for. So go on and explore them all!

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