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Effortless Baked Sweet Potato Recipe for an Effortless Supper

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From time to time you just don’t have the electricity to expend 30 minutes or additional building meal soon after a long day of work—especially when it’s chillier outside and you just want to get some grub and curl up beneath a blanket. And which is where a very simple baked sweet potato can appear in useful.

Sweet potatoes do the job well with so a lot of meals, so you can go sweet or savory with toppings to blend factors up. And since they previous for a extensive time, they’re quick to choose up in the course of your weekly shopping vacation and keep on hand for when you need a just about-fast meal.

Plus, sweet potatoes are the perfect vehicle for speedy and quick diet that is super flexible, so you are going to in no way get bored of your recipes. “In addition to vitality from carbs to fuel your muscle groups, mind, and several other body features, one cup of baked sweet potato presents over 6 grams of filling fiber and even four grams of protein,” states Kelly Jones, RD, CSSD. They are also an superb supply of the immune-supportive nutrition natural vitamins A and C as nicely as potassium.

“Additionally they are a great source of a lot of B-vitamins and magnesium though supplying carotenoid antioxidants,” Jones suggests, which can enhance your coronary heart health and fitness, combat pressure and muscle mass soreness submit-exercise routine while retaining you in improved health and fitness.

ICYMI, potatoes of all forms are healthy—here’s the lowdown on their positive aspects:


That stated, a basic sweet potato on its own is not plenty of for a meal. But Jones claims it can make a amazing base for a balanced, effortless dinner. “Often I recommend customers bake their sweet potatoes as a section of food prep on the weekend and then they can slice open up size-clever and rapidly reheat in the course of the week,” she says. (It is a idea our ReNew Calendar year plan leader Liz Moody swears by as effectively.)

Listed here, Jones shares the fundamental principles on how to make a baked sweet potato, as well as a few distinct toppings tips that will preserve you content and satisfied—without investing ages in the kitchen area.

How to make an simple baked sweet potato

1-2 sweet potatoes, washed and scrubbed
Salt and pepper, to style

1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F. Just take your washed sweet potatoes and prick all in excess of with a fork to create steam vents (which aids the cooking method).

2. Location the prepared sweet potatoes on a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment, or in a included baking dish just before placing in the oven.

3. Bake for approximately 40-50 minutes, or until cooked as a result of. (“You’ll know they are finished when a fork can be poked by to the center with out resistance,” Jones suggests.) Notice: If you baked in a lined dish, cooking time may be quicker, but you could want to eliminate the include for the previous 10 minutes to reduce any moisture buildup.

4. Let cool somewhat right up until you can select them up, then split open up and year with salt, pepper, and any other sought after seasonings.

Variation 1: “Loaded nacho” baked sweet potatoes

Just take that baked sweet potato and slice lengthwise ahead of introducing in some common nacho toppings to make the dish all the a lot more scrumptious.

1-2 sweet potatoes, washed and scrubbed
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
Cheese (optional)

1. Put together the quick baked sweet potato recipe over.

2. Slice open the baked potato lengthwise, and prime with black beans, salsa, guacamole, and cheese (if employing).

Take note: For extra protein, Jones suggests incorporating far more toppings. “If you have a better activity stage and will need more protein, include leftover seasoned shredded chicken or tempeh, together with spinach and cheese or a dairy-absolutely free cheese alternate,” she states.

Variation 2: Spicy baked sweet potato

“If you like spicy meals, sweet potatoes can truly give a harmony of taste,” Jones suggests. Adding a nutritious fat like tahini aids equilibrium the meal and counterbalance the warmth.

1-2 sweet potatoes, washed and scrubbed
Cooked tofu or canned salmon, drained
Warm sauce or sriracha of choice

1. Put together the baked sweet potato recipe above.

2. Slice open up the baked potato lengthwise. Leading with seasoned cooked tofu or canned salmon, then drizzle with sizzling sauce and tahini.

Take note: In its place of tahini, you can also go with nut butter (like cashew, peanut, or almond butter).

Variation 3: Baked sweet potato with chili

Chili is a good wintertime staple. However from time to time you do not want to seize a spoon and take in a full serving of it from a bowl—that’s when Jones claims you can just top a sweet potato with a lesser portion of the stew as an alternative. (And if you need a new chili recipe, test out these scrumptious vegetarian solutions.)

1-2 sweet potatoes, washed and scrubbed
1/2 cup pre-cooked chili
Shredded cheese, diced onion, and other toppings (optional)

1. Put together the baked sweet potato recipe over.

2. Slice open the baked potato lengthwise and pour above the chili. Top with cheese, diced onion, or other chili toppings if desired.

Take note: A stew or any other form of thicker soup would work way too as a great filling! See what you have on hand in your fridge from meal prep all through the week.

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