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BOTW: The Very best Recipes You Can Prepare dinner | Recipe Crafting Guidebook

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One particular of the key parts in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is cooking. Combining the appropriate substances can not only give you a leg up against challenging enemies, but can also preserve you protected in particular climate situations, or even boost your endurance to make it much easier to achieve selected destinations. On the other hand you use cooking, you’re inspired to experiment with combining components discovered all over the planet of Hyrule. There are dozens and dozens of recipes to opt for from — most of which give you some type of reward.

But which recipes are the best? In this checklist, we’ll clearly show you the 10 best recipes, alongside with what helps make them so wonderful, and the areas of their components. These are the best BOTW recipes.

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How to cook recipes in Breath of the Wild

Before in fact receiving to the record of recipes, you ought to be knowledgeable of how to cook them. As with numerous mechanics in Breath of the Wild, the activity doesn’t essentially do a wonderful career of describing how to cook dinner and blend materials.

To commence, you’ll require a pot, which are located about the world, commonly at main hubs like Kakariko Village or by stables. Our go-to is generally the pot at Outskirt Stable, but you can use whichever you like. To prepare dinner merchandise in the pot, you will need to have to to start with ensure that the pot is lit with a fireplace underneath. You can gentle it with a hearth arrow, or by employing a torch. Bear in mind, if it is raining outside, you will not be in a position to mild the pot (so snooze and occur back again afterwards if this is the situation). At the time the pot is lit, go into your Stock and into the Materials submenu.

Below, you are going to be in a position to keep up to five goods by urgent X on them. Following you have chosen the items you’d like to keep, exit the Stock and walk up to the pot. If the pot is lit, it’ll permit you to push A to cook. And that’s all there is to it!

Several recipes will give you momentary buffs, but keep in brain that buffs do not stack with one particular yet another, so it’s greatest to just consume a single at a time. It is also a superior idea to insert much more of a particular ingredient to a recipe to boost its effectiveness. For example, when making the Hearty Fried Wild Greens recipe, use four Hearty Radishes instead of a few to gain added well being (a few will even now do the job, but it won’t be as successful as working with four). As you enjoy, we endorse choosing up everything you arrive throughout, as you will most likely appear throughout helpful elements for recipes.

Except pointed out normally, the substances down below can normally be discovered in many spots and usually spawn randomly. If you aren’t possessing luck obtaining them in 1 spot, try a further.

Hearty Fried Wild Greens — Health restoration

What it does

“Restores your wellbeing and briefly increases your utmost hearts. A basic vegetable dish designed by sautéing clean wild plants.”

There are less powerful variations of this recipe that can be produced with fewer Hearty Radishes, but if you use four, you’ll obtain 17 more momentary hearts. This is a wonderful meal to keep in your back again pocket for these sticky predicaments — no matter whether you are up against a boss or Lynel.


  • Four Hearty Radishes — Observed in the forest to the south of Wetland Secure (east of Central Hyrule)
  • One particular Large Hearty Radish — Also found in the forest outlined earlier mentioned.

Enduring Steamed Meat — Endurance improve

What it does

“Restores and overfills your Stamina Wheel. This meat dish has been wrapped in aromatic leaves and steamed to protect its humidity.”

Use this dish to acquire 10 hearts and an complete extra short term Stamina Wheel — great for climbing tall buildings or swimming for extensive distances.


  • A person raw meat — Obtained from hunting any mammal in the open up environment. These are abundant and can be acquired from deer or cows.
  • Three Endura Carrots — Found to the south of Hyrule Ridge (on the northwestern aspect of the map) shut to Rutile Lake. Look for it all around the trees in this area.

Energizing Meat and Seafood Fry — Endurance restoration

What it does

“Instantly refills some of your Stamina Wheel. A filling dish manufactured by cooking contemporary seafood and meat jointly.”

You are going to want to use this a single to replenish your stamina and overall health. This distinct dish grants you five hearts and 3 Stamina Wheels.


  • One raw meat — Observed from most mammals across Hyrule.
  • A few Staminoka Bass — Can be obtained from the bodies of water around West Necluda (the southeastern part of the map), at Hyrule Discipline (middle of the map), or sold by the Touring Service provider, Bugut, at Dueling Peaks Secure all around 4:00 p.m.

Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer — Warmth resistance

What it does

“Grants mid-degree warmth resistance. A filling dish built by grilling various mountain substances with meat.”

Want to check out some of the hotter areas of Hyrule? Use this recipe to obtain 6 hearts and medium warmth resistance for in excess of 10 minutes.


  • A single uncooked meat — Gathered from many mammals all over Hyrule.
  • 4 Chillshroom — Observed amongst the trees in Hebra Mountains (northwesternmost part of the map). Look for the blue chilis to the northeast of the Hebra Plunge physique of drinking water.

Spicy Meat and Mushroom Skewer — Chilly resistance

What it does

“Grants mid-degree cold resistance. A filling dish built by grilling a variety of mountain ingredients with meat.”

The Spicy Meat and Mushroom Skewer is basically the reverse of the Chilly Meat and Mushroom Skewer. As an alternative, it grants you over 10 minutes of cold resistance.


  • Four Sunshrooms — These are located in the hotter areas of the map, like by Loss of life Mountain. Especially, we experienced luck discovering a ton of them by the burnt trees to the east of Intestine Look at Rock (found to the north of Dying Mountain).
  • A single Raw Gourmand Meat — Obtaining Uncooked Gourmand Meat is difficult, but we ended up able to assemble one from the bears in Hickaly Woods (observed to the southeast of Dueling Peaks in West Necluda). We advise you to save when you get to Hickaly Woods, before you choose out a bear, and then reload the help you save if you really do not get the merchandise you are on the lookout for. Other gamers reported locating Uncooked Gourmand Meat in the northwesternmost portion of the map in the colder spots, but we could not validate that.

Electro Meat and Mushroom Skewer — Electrical energy resistance

What it does

“Grants higher-amount electricity resistance. A filling dish produced by grilling several mountain components with meat.”

Use this recipe when checking out places that have a large degree of energy. The Electro Meat and Mushroom Skewer will grant you high-amount energy resistance for around 10 minutes — terrific for those sections with heaps of rain and lightning.


  • A person uncooked meat — Gathered from various mammals about Hyrule.
  • Four Zapshrooms — Found by trees in the Rok Woods, located in Deep Akkala (the northeasternmost location on the map, to the east of Loss of life Mountain).

Hasty Elixir — Pace enhance

What it does

“Grants a superior-stage haste effect, which boosts your movement velocity though operating, swimming, or climbing.”

This elixir is great for these in a hurry. Use the Hasty Elixir for a high-stage pace enhance for about five minutes — which will assistance you out when traversing the globe far more speedily.


  • Four Incredibly hot-Footed Frogs — These creatures are discovered close to bodies of h2o, but we discovered an abundance of them close to Ludfo’s Lavatory in Hyrule Ridge (western facet of the map, just west of Central Hyrule).
  • A person Keese Wing — This substance is uncovered by defeating Keese, traveling creatures that resemble bats. You can find them in caves or in numerous areas at evening. There are swarms of them in the aforementioned Ludfo’s Bog in Hyrule Ridge shut to where by the Warm-Footed Frogs spawn.

Sneaky Steamed Meat — Stealth increase

What it does

“Grants a large-degree stealth increase. This meat dish has been wrapped in aromatic leaves and steamed to preserve its dampness.”

Use this recipe to grant 10 hearts and a significant-stage sneak strengthen for more than eight minutes! This is fantastic for obtaining around enemies undetected.


  • A single uncooked meat — Gathered from various mammals all-around Hyrule.
  • 4 Silent Princess bouquets — These are most effortlessly identified at Rutile Lake to the south of Hyrule Ridge (on the western side of the map, west of Central Hyrule). Quick vacation to the Mogg Latan Shrine to get listed here quickly.

Mighty Monster Stew — Attack increase

What it does

“Grants a superior-stage assault-electric power improve. Meat and seafood simmered in monster extract. A savory dish regardless of its components.”

Consume the Mighty Monster Stew to acquire 9 hearts and substantial-degree assault-ability strengthen for 10 minutes. Use this when going through off from bosses, Lynels, or other formidable foes.


  • 3 Mighty Porgy — These are located in the oceans of Hyrule, like the Necluda Sea or Lanayru Sea. We found loads of them by Cape Cresia in the Necluda Sea (southeast portion of map by Eventide Island).
  • 1 Monster Extract — This can only be found by purchasing it for 9 Mon from Fang and Bone, the touring shop run by Kilton. In the beginning, you can obtain the shop at Cranium Lake, but afterward, the store moves all around and can be visited at night time only. We like checking out the Fang and Bone area to the south of Lantern Lake, which is ideal by Kakariko Village. Bear in mind, Fang and Bone does not choose rupees like standard outlets — but as a substitute uses Mon.
  • Just one Raw Primary Meat — This is a distinctive meat that can be gathered from different mammals in chilly places. Snowcoat Foxes and wolves tend to fall this materials, as well as bears. We advise farming the bears he bears in Hickaly Woods (identified to the southeast of Dueling Peaks in West Necluda).

Rough Salt-Grilled Fish — Protection enhance

What it does

“Grants a higher-level protection enhance. A straightforward dish produced by rolling a complete fish in purely natural rock salt in advance of grilling it.”

Cook and consume this dish for eight hearts and a significant-degree protection enhance for more than 4 minutes. You will want to use this when going through off in opposition to impressive enemies that offer large injury.


  • Four Armored Porgy — These are identified in the identical parts as the Mighty Porgy, positioned in the oceans of Hyrule. Glance for them in the waters of the Necluda Sea or Lanayru Sea. Once more, we experienced luck by Cape Cresia in the Necluda Sea (southeast portion of map by Eventide Island).
  • A single Rock Salt — These are discovered by mining ore by caves. Can also be attained from the Marot Mart in Zora’s Area, the Goron Gusto store in Goron Metropolis, and the Stall in Gerudo City.

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