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Blue Apron’s new Wellness recipes can help you stick to a healthy new year

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If you’re like most people, you’re already wavering in your New Year’s resolutions. (You can’t see it, but, yes, our hands are firmly up right now too.) And at the top of the resolutions list for everyone is the promise that we’ll start living a healthier life — like really healthy, not just forgoing the extra bacon on a burger once in a while.

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Enter Blue Apron. Their meals recognize that it’s a matter of thinking about the whole picture, from the nutritional content of your food to the emotional release you get from taking a few minutes each day to de-stress and take care of yourself.

That holistic approach is the heartbeat of Blue Apron’s new Wellness recipes, which take fresh produce, healthy whole grains, natural sweeteners and high-quality proteins to provide you with something that’s much more than just a daily meal. They’re available now, expanding Blue Apron’s already wide variety of weekly delivery-based meal plans. Each Wellness meal is crafted with the five dimensions of holistic health in mind: physical, mental, relationship, financial and brain health.

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Here’s what that means. Physical health is the easiest to understand and means that your body will run on the best possible fuel for it, keeping up your energy and helping you recover more quickly from workouts. Nutritional benefits are carefully calculated to bring maximum benefit to your body.

Home cooking is an amazing vehicle to challenge yourself and try out new things. Blue Apron’s recipes feature techniques for all skill levels, to help home cooks acquire knowledge they can take with them even when your meal is complete.

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Blue Apron

Mental health in this case refers to the other effects of what you eat has on your thinking processes, from mindfulness to a form of screen-free self-care. Cooking can draw you into the moment, help you feel connected to the present, and allow you to enjoy a sense of accomplishment and achievement when complete.

Think about it: How much more would you be able to get out of your daily routine without the inconvenience of menu planning, grocery shopping and meal prep for healthy but tasty meals for yourself and your family?

Blue Apron’s Wellness recipes give you an opportunity to address your relationship health too. They’re perfect for much-needed date nights, especially if you add in a wine pairing. Or the prep could be a great way for parents to bond with their children, who also get a great learning experience from exploring their relationships to what goes in their tummies.

Finally, your finances will be in better shape than ever, since Blue Apron helps you cut down on wasted food, overly indulgent portioning and overspending, and it simplifies your meal budgeting. Want to save a ton of money? Cut out the delivery and takeout and eat healthier — and cheaper — with Blue Apron’s meal delivery service straight to your doorstep. While cooking at home can be better for your budget than eating out, predictable spending is key to financial stability.

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Blue Apron

And though it’s not one of the five pillars of holistic health, you can’t overlook the value of great-tasting food, from lemongrass tilapia to tahini-roasted veggies and mushroom-and-red-rice grain bowls with ginger-miso dressing and watermelon radish. With deliciousness like this, keeping to a holistically healthy meal plan is a cinch — with a little help from Blue Apron.

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