Big Game Cooking with CJ’s Jamaican Food in Stockton

Question of the Day – 2/2Tina’s still at Marie Callender’s with today’s Question of the Day: What’s your favorite pie (or cake)? WHY DO WE HAVE TO CHOOSE JUST ONE? Have a great Tuesday, everyone! See you tomorrow!

Marie Callender’s Pie Sale!The Great American Pie Month is upon us (I had no idea) and there’s one Good Day personality who knows how to celebrate! We sent Tina Macuha to Marie Callender’s on Freeport in Sacramento to check out their sweet deals!

Oak Farm Vineyards – Valentine’s Day Specials!Considering a stay-at-home date night this year? A Lodi winery has you covered! Dina Kupfer is at Oak Farm Vineyards with a locally-curated Valentine’s Day package!

Good Day Rewind – 2/2Have you been watching the entire show today? WELL, WHY NOT? What else do you have to do? In case you missed something, here’s a small portion of the highlights! It’s the Good Day Rewind!

Oak Farm Vineyards in LodiHave you heard? Valentine’s Day is coming up quick! NOW is the time to pick up that bottle of wine for the one you love, and Dina Kupfer is at a family-owned vineyard in Lodi that can meet your Valentine’s Day needs!

Wiki Who? – 2/2When we give John too much time to poke around on wikipedia, he inevitably comes up with another edition of the latest game show SWEEPING the nation, “Wiki WHO?” Today, famous “Bills” are the subject!

“Maskarades” with Brooke Lewis Bellas!We’re always down for a game of “Maskarades,” and today’s guest is Hollywood “Scream Queen” Brooke Lewis Bellas!

Trivia Toast – 2/2We love our games on Good Day, and we love puppies as well! Today’s slice of Trivia Toast is for the dogs!

“Legacies” on the CW – A Musical Episode!You know Cody loves his TV shows, and also a good musical. So when we heard “Legacies” on the CW was planning a musical episode, we could hardly contain Cody’s excitement! Kaylee Bryant and Chris Lee from “Legacies” join Cody to tell us about the show!

Leash and Collar Dog Boutique in SacramentoIn case you didn’t know, we LOVE our dogs at Good Day! And we’re always looking for ways we (and you) can spoil our fur babies! Lori Wallace is at a new dog boutique in Midtown Sacramento, and it’s RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the dog park! Location, location, location!

Show and Tell – 2/2Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! For today’s Show and Tell, John’s wonderful wife, Korey, sent the crew some cookies from the Eat’n Park restaurant chain in the Pittsburgh/Punxsutawney region of Pennsylvania! So thoughtful!

The 2021 Puppy Bowl!The Big Game is Sunday, but so is the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! “Rufferee” Dan Schachner joins Courtney to give us a preview, and show us some of the stars of the game!

Stanislaus County Animal Shelter – Find A New Friend!Today’s show is overflowing with adorable pets! Annette Patton from the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter joins Courtney to show us some of the sweet, adoptable pets available at their facility!

Chef Curtis Stone Joins Us!Many of you are using the extra time you have at home to do a little experimenting in the kitchen, and some of us need help just following the recipe! Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone joins Cody to give us a few ideas, and let us know about the latest cooking trends!

Personal Chef Services with Chefan By RCBGet the restaurant experience with the help of this local business! Rachel and Adrian from “Chefan by RCB” are with Lori Wallace to let us know how they can bring their personal chef services to you!

Teen’s Tune – 2/2Tina’s here with Teen’s Tune on a Tuesday! Today we take it back to 1999…play along with us!

TruTv’s “Fast Foodies” star Justin SutherlandExperience a gourmet twist on fast food! TruTV’s new show “Fast Foodies” features culinary masters cooking up the favorite fast foods of guest celebrities. Justin Sutherland, one of the chefs on the show, joins Court to tell us more!

Home Sort – Get Your House Organized!Julissa is back with the ladies from Home Sort with more home organization tips, and how you can subscribe to their services!

Tahoe Bald Eagle Survey – Their Numbers are Up!The Lake Tahoe area bald eagle survey has found a record number of eagles in the region! Such good news! Dina is joined by Will Richardson from the Tahoe Institute for Natural Science to share the great news!

“Palmer” Star June SquibbMany of you have seen the Apple TV+ movie “Palmer.” If you haven’t, what are you waiting for (besides an Apple TV+ subscription)? One of the stars, June Squibb, joins Tina to talk about the movie!

Home Sort – Keep That House Organized!Do you need help keeping your house organized? This Newcastle business may be able to help you! Julissa is with the owners of Home Sort to show us how.

MTV’s “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing” host Travis MillsWell, just in time for “Singles Awareness Day,” MTV has a week of love gone wrong for us to watch! Travis Mills from “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing” joins John to tell us about the show.

Dad Joke of the Day – 2/2Cody’s here with today’s Dad Joke of the Day, sent in by Larry and Sandy in Oakdale!

Bagels and Bean in LincolnWhen it comes to bagels, what’s your favorite? Plain? Everything? Bagels and Bean in Lincoln has you covered, Lori Wallace is there checking it out!