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9 Reasons To Watch Filipino Culinary Series The Lost Recipe

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The lead stars of The Lost Recipe series Kelvin Miranda and Mikee Quintos. Credits to The Lost Recipe Facebook.

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The lead stars of The Lost Recipe series Kelvin Miranda and Mikee Quintos. Credits to The Lost Recipe Facebook.

New year comes with a fresh offering from GMA Network in the form of a TV series titled “The Lost Recipe.”

With more than a million views earned on its trailer on social media, the star-studded “Culinary-serye” has already delighted and excited the viewers about Filipino food, time travel, love, and inspirations in reaching dreams.

Good News Pilipinas came up with 9 reasons why The Lost Recipe is a must-watch Philippine TV series.


From the title itself, the TV series “The Lost Recipe” explores the rich Filipino cuisine.

The show’s head writer Erwin Caezar Bravo shared on the series primer uploaded on YouTube on January 15 that they get the inspiration for the show from the country’s rich culinary heritage.

“Ang pinaka-inspiration n’ya talaga is food, tsaka Intramuros,” he said. “Pero ang pinaka-goal namin nu’ng ginawa namin ‘yong concept is gusto sana namin gumawa ng something na global.”

Program manager John Mychal Feraren added that his interest about the local cuisine started when he did a documentary about the food of the royalty in Cotabato in Mindanao years ago and his idea bloomed into a series now called “The Lost Recipe.”

“May ginawa akong docu sa Cotabato, ang title ‘Ang Nawawalang Recipe.’ Tungkol ‘yon sa mga forgotten recipes ng mga royalty,” Feraren explained.

“Tapos ‘yon, in-explore ko lang, na gusto kong gumawa nu’ng ano ba ‘yong favorite na pagkain ng mga Filipino. S’yempre, adobo.

“Gusto ko ng fanstasy na series na magre-revolve sa food kaya nagdagdag na ‘yong element ng time travel,” he ended.


The Lost Recipe series is top-billed by the fresh love team of Kelvin Miranda and Mikee Quintos.

Award-winning actor Kelvin will play the character of ambitious chef Harvey, his first-ever lead role in a prime time series. Aside from playing bit roles in different soap operas before, he became known for his acting skills in the first-ever Filipino Netflix Original, Dead Kids.

Young actress Mikee Quintos, on the other hand, is known for portraying various roles in different top-rated Kapuso Teleserye in the past such as the remake of Encantadia, Onanay, and in Alden Richard’s series, The Gift.



Aside from the lead actors Kelvin Miranda and Mikee Quintos, the fantasy-romantic series also star stellar cast members such as Thea Tolentino, Phytos Ramirez, Maureen Larrazabal, Toffer Fabregas, Sue Prado, Allan Paule, Almirah Muhlach, Anton Amonio, Faye Lorenzo, and beauty queen-turned-actress Ariella Arida.

The boys of Descendants of the Sun PH such as Paul Salas, Prince Clemente, Lucho Ayala are also included.

Kim Rodriguez, Gabby Eigenmann, and “The Star of The New Decade” Manilyn Reynes will also have a special participation in the show.


The moment “The Lost Recipe” trailer was released on social media, the netizens could not help but praise the show’s concept and the cinematography and even described it as being similar to Korean dramas.

“What’s new about the series is that, it is the first, I think, na local story that is revolving around culinary, around food,” Director Monti said. “Hindi ka lang made-delight on the storytelling. Meron pa s’yang visual delight on food.”


The much-anticipated TV show is produced by GMA Public Affairs, the same department of Kapuso network that gave the Filipino audience award-winning docudrama Alaala starring Alden Richards and the Philippine Seas documentary of Atom Araullo.

Both masterpieces won Gold Camera Awards from the US International Film and Video Festival

Therefore, it could be expected that the new series will offer a new taste to the audience.

“Nu’ng ginagawa namin ‘yong story, ang goal is kailangang bago s’ya. Kailangan meron tayong mai-present na bago sa viewers,” shared the head writer Erwin Caezar Bravo.


The Lost Recipe is under the helm of the dynamic director Monti Parungao.

He is known for his thought-provoking and highly esteemed independent films such as “Sagwan” (2009), “Bayaw” (2009), and franchised reality show “Survivor Philippines” (2008-2010).

The TV director is also well known for his GMA Public Affairs produced series like “Inday Will Always Love You,” and some of the episodes of “TODA One I Love,” and more.


Aside from local cuisine, the series also features some historical landmarks of the capital city, Manila.

The buildings inside the walled city of Intramuros, the grandiose Manila Post Office Building, and the rehabilitated Jones Bridge serve as some of the location set of the Pinoy culinary series.


The prime time TV show also promotes Original Pilipino Music (OPM) for its official soundtrack.

The series uses the song “Tumatakbo” by Pinoy pop-rock band Mojofly from their 2005 record album “Now.”

A fan-made music video of “Tumatakbo” was uploaded on YouTube on January 14 that features song lyrics in English, Filipino, and Baybayin.


The lead actors also shared that their characters would serve as inspiration for all their viewers.

“I play Apple Valencia, isang dreamer, gustong maging chef, gagawin ang lahat para maabot ‘yong pangarap n’ya,” Mikee shared.

“Harvey Napoleon po ang pangalan ng character ko,” Kelvin said. “Dreamer din po. s’ya. Gagawin n’ya ang lahat para lang maabot, maisakatuparan ‘yong mga pangarap n’ya (at) pangarap ng pamilya n’ya para sa kanya.”

Director Monti also gave insight on what the audience could expect in terms of values and the message that the series would provide.

“The main message that the series would like to impart, really, aside sa bagong texture, bagong timpla and all that is the main focus of the story: to take life as it is. Because lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay kailangang mangyari para makaabot tayo sa pupuntahan natin,” said the director.

The fantasy-romance TV series The Lost Recipe started airing on January 18, 2021, 8PM, on GMA News TV.

WATCH the trailer of The Lost Recipe here and SEND cheers to the local filmmakers in championing the Filipino culture and cuisine through TV series in the comment section below.

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