6 Ways To Make Your Cake Taste and Look Better

13 Easy Ways to Make Box Cake Taste so Much Better
A cake is a staple in special events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc. It improves life experiences and helps you in creating memories. The secret is ensuring the cake has a great taste and appearance to enhance the occasion. Achieving that requires you to be creative and apply effective ways when baking.

Here are six ways to make your cake taste and look better 

  1. Choose quality flour 

Using quality cake flour instead of all-purpose flour is ideally beneficial. Cake flour has low protein percentages for a delicate consistency and less or no gluten. The soft, tender texture will translate directly into your cake.

There are other benefits of using cake flour, including:

  • It produces a light and fluffy cake: The low protein content lets the cake absorb less liquid, resulting in a light and soft cake.
  • Great texture: Cake flour has a lower gluten content that enables you to produce delicate cakes.Also, it contains all the nutrients necessary for a sweet and healthy cake.
  • Cheaper: Cake flour is more affordable than other types of flour, making it ideal if you’re on a budget. It helps you produce quality and sweet cakes at a pocket-friendly cost.
  1. Assemble the ingredients 

Get all wet and dry ingredients and equipment before you begin baking. You can use the recipe as your checklist to identify the required components. Ensure the elements are at the proper temperature, especially for butter. 

Soft butter will result in a smooth batter and lofty cake, and room-temperature eggs will keep the batter’s temperature consistent. Leave the butter out for several hours, or use a microwave to soften it.

  1. Mix Properly

It is easy to make mistakes when mixing the ingredients by either overmixing or undermixing. The goal is to incorporate all the elements correctly for a yummy cake. Remember, overmixing will deflate necessary air from the batter, leaving your cake with a tough texture.

  1. Use milk or buttermilk

Adding milk to your cake mix instead of water adds a dense texture to your dessert. It makes the cake moist and flavorful and enhances its appearance. Also, use more eggs to improve the taste and texture of your cake.

  1. Be creative with the layers

Though you’ll require more time and effort, the effect of this step will be worth it. Let your cake cool, then slice it into two or three layers. Get creative with your filling and coatings to make the cake look better. You can brush the layers to give them some added moisture and taste. Also, you can pile the layers with sliced fruits and icing for better presentation and sweetness.

  1. Frost the cake 

Frosting the cake will enhance its looks and taste. Put a small spoonful of frosting in the center of the cake plate and place the first layer on top to prevent the cake from moving as you work. Use an offset spatula to frost the top and add the next layer. Then coat the whole cake with a thin layer of frosting and place the cake in the freezer for 15 minutes. Remove it and finish the frosting from the top to the sides.


Baking a cake is a daunting and overwhelming task for many. The process is an exact science in which mistakes can ruin the whole experience and product. But applying the above ways will give you a delicious and better-looking cake.

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