September 26, 2022


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Is There a Better Way To Grill? Grilling by the Lion: A blog idea around how grilling has evolved throughout the years.

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Grilling is one of the oldest forms of cooking. It dates back to ancient times when people would use fire pits and roasting racks to prepare their food. As time went on, technology developed, giving us better grills that cooked meat faster than ever before. Today’s grills are more advanced than ever – they have a variety of features such as dual-zone temperature controls and infrared burners which allow you to cook faster while preserving moisture in your food. So if you’re looking for a great new grill or just want to learn more about how they work, read on!

Grilling in Ancient Times

Grilling is a technique that’s been used throughout history. In ancient times, people used to grill meat and fish right on the coals of a fire.

In those days, grilling was fairly simple: you’d just throw some food on the grill and let it cook over the fire until it was done. The result was that everything you ate tasted like charcoal (because it had been cooked over charcoal). But at least it was fast!

Evolution of the Grill

Grilling is one of the oldest cooking methods in human history. The first grills were simple wood fires, and these evolved into open flames and eventually gas and electric grills. Despite all this evolution, the purpose of grilling has remained constant: to cook food.

How the Grill Came to America

The grill has evolved over many years, from the first simple hearth to today’s modern gas or charcoal grill. There are also grills that use infrared technology and even solar power!

Here is a brief history of the evolution of grilling:

  • Around 100 BC – The earliest known examples of “grill” were found in ancient Greece and Rome. These crude devices used red-hot stones to cook meat on top of a bed of embers.
  • In about 1300 BC – Ancient Egyptians started using pottery ovens for cooking food over coals that were kept alive by blowing air into them through tubes connected to bellows. This was called “shamata” in Arabic, which means “to fan.”
  • In the early 1700s – The first backyard barbecue grills were made out of plastered bricks set up in front yards or on terraces on larger estates so that guests could cook their own food while sitting around an open fire outdoors with family members or friends who lived nearby as well as travelers passing through who might need somewhere safe and warm where they could stay overnight during long journeys across Europe or Asia (or America).

The Birth of the Modern Grill

Grilling is the process of cooking food over a heat source, such as an open flame or hot coals. Grilling is done in many different ways, including grilling directly over hot coals and flames.

Grilling has evolved throughout the years to become what we know it to be today. The first methods of grilling were actually done on an open fire, with no protection from the direct heat source. This method was developed around 5500 BC by cooks who would prepare meats by placing them right above burning wood or coal embers and allowing them to cook slowly over time until their outer layer charred off and became crispy enough for people to eat without getting burned by any remaining fat or juices inside

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Grills have come a long way since the days of fire pits, but the goal remains the same – great food.

Grilling is a fun activity. It’s also a great way to entertain guests, whether you’re tailgating or hosting an outdoor party. People have been grilling since the days of fire pits, but we’ve come a long way since then!


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